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Day Scool



For All Breeds, Ages & Temperaments

Day School

Register your Dog for a Morning of School!


We tailor your dog's Day School to fit you and your canine's needs.  We take your canine out in the morning where they will receive one on one attention from Head Certified Trainer Sydney Lemiski. During your dogs session they will be exercised, trained and socialized appropriate to their skill level and goals. A report card is sent out after your dogs session to keep you updated on their progress while photo and video updates of your dogs morning is posted on our social media.

What is Day School Good For?​

  • Teaching Basic - Advanced Obedience

  • Functional Socialization & Desensitization

  • Teaching Loose Leash Walking

  • Exercise Strength Conditioning

  • Remote Collar Conditioning

  • Dogs with Special Socialization and/or Exercise Needs


$45 + tax  (package discounts available)

Westshore Only

Transfer Session 

Is your dog in the day school program?


During Transfer Sessions we teach you how to utilize the training your dog has received and discuss how it ties into helping solve any problem behaviours you may have in the home.

$65 + tax

1 Hour

Westshore Only

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