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Dog Walking: Services



Designed for Practicing your Dogs Social Skills

Group Walks

Looking for an environment to Practice your Dogs Leash Manners?

Our goal is to a provide a controlled environment that allows owners to practice neutralizing and desensitizing their dog around real world distractions, this is not a "Training Class". You will be guided through “pass by exercises” as well as practicing structured walking through a local trail around other controlled dogs with the training skills you have acquired with us or from another trainer. 


Although there will be a Certified Dog Trainer present to give pointers, each handler is responsible for “managing” their own dog.

  • Open to all Breeds, Ages and Temperaments

  • Training Collars, Harnesses and Muzzles Allowed (if handler and dog have been trained on proper and appropriate use)

  • Up to 2 Dogs Max per Handler (given the handler can safely control both dogs).

  • On Leash Only Environment

  • Pack Walk through a Local Park

  • Westshore


$17 + Tax 

1 Hour

Limited spots available

Adult Socialization

Looking for an environment to Practice your Dog to Dog Interactions or Off Leash Control?

Confused when it comes to dog-dog interactions? Looking to teach your dog polite greetings & how to play with other dogs? Need an environment to practice advanced off leash control? Socialize your dog in a safe environment with two Certified Trainers who will help guide & teach you on polite dog-dog play & interactions or how to get your dog there.

  • Open to all breeds and temperaments

  • For Dogs +6 months Old

  • Training collars, harnesses and muzzles are acceptable (if handler and dog have been trained on proper and appropriate use)

  • On/Off Leash Environment

  • Pack walk through local park

  • Westshore


$27 + tax 

1 Hour

*For Existing Clients Only, Please book a consultation if you are new

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