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Adult Socialization




Drop In - 90 min

About the Course


Where butt sniffs happen!


- Dogs must be older than 6 months

- All temperaments and breeds are welcome, however if your dog is aggressive please contact us


Limited spots are available. Please contact us or book online.


You will be guided by two Certified Dog Trainers on how to appropriately introduce 2 dogs on leash then going for a pack walk in a local area. Dogs are permitted off leash during the pack walk if they have the appropriate skills however it is not required. During your socialization class, you will practice appropriate greetings, butt sniffs, appropriate play and training off leash control.

One of the key elements to our approach is the incorporation of well-socialized "helper" dogs. These canine "helpers" play a crucial role in teaching other dogs how to interact calmly and confidently. Each handler is responsible for “managing” their own dog however the trainers will be there to help guide you for success.

Not Ready for Off Leash Environments? Check out our "On Leash Only" Group Walks.

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