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Exclusive Puppy Services

Training and socialization dogs under 6 months old.

Private Puppy Program

$419.99 + gst

If you're are looking for tailored one on one personal instruction from the comfort of your home or have an extra distracted puppy, our Private Puppy Program is just for you!

6 Private Sessions

  • 1 Hour / Session


  • ​Private Instruction

  • In Depth Curriculum 

  • Training Leash Included

  • Online Learning Resources

  • For ages under 6 months old


$159.99 + gst

This class provides an opportunity to teach your puppy foundational skills for being successful on the trail. We focus on training loose leash walking, obedience, recall, polite greetings with other people and more.

4 Group Sessions​

  • 1 Hour / Session​


  • Supportive learning environment

  • 4 week group course

  • For ages over 4 months old


$24.99 + gst

Practice polite greetings and playful interactions. With a focus on understanding body language and fostering appropriate interactions with individual attention and support.​ While your puppy awaits their turn, we'll focus on skills to strengthening your puppy's confidence and ability to be neutral to distractions. 

1 Group Session

  • 45 min / Session​


  • Structured Socialization

  • Foundational Skill Training

  • Drop In

  • For ages under 6 months

Alumni Students

- Unlock Exclusive Alumni Perks -

Complete a series of Private Training lessons and gain access to special alumni discount to support your training journey!

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