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Tom Davis Seminar

Seattle Seminar


Online University |
Consider the Dog

Members Club

2022 - 2024

Online University | Leerburg

​Michael Ellis 3 Day Workshop, Relationship Games pt.1 & pt.2, Michael Ellis Leash Reactivity 

2022 - 2023

Online University |
Canine University

Members Club

2021 - 2023

Online University |
Upstate Canine Academy

Members Club


Online University |
Training Without Conflict

Possession Games

2020 - 2022

Online University | Fenzi Dog Sports

The Lemonade Conference 2022 - Various Instructors, Relationship Building Through Play -Denise Fenzi, Building Blocks of Nose Work - Stacy Barnett, Precision Heeling - Denise Fenzi, Heeling Games - Denise Fenzi, Do You Speak Dog? Translating the Effects of Human Actions on Dog Behaviour - Amanda Boyd, Behaviour Intervention Techniques - Chelsey Protulipac, My Ball, My Food, My Space! Handling Resource Guarding - Tania Lanfer, Puppy Power! Building Confidence and Optimism - Julie Daniels, The Genetics of Personality - Jessica Hekman, Peeing on Your Dog’s Toys and Other Myths (Part 1 of 2) - Michael Shikashio, Possession Is Nine Tenths of the…Oh Wait! What Ya Got There? (Part 2 of 2) - ​Michael Shikashio


Loose Leash Academy

Aggression in Dogs Conference

2019 - 2020

Animal Behaviour Collage

Dog Training Certification Program, ​Pet First Aid & CPR, Pet Nutrition and Diet, Doggie Daycare Management, Training Shelter Dogs



Conditioning for the Canine Athlete 3 Day Seminar, Fit For Life Puppy Program

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