Sammy - Daniel

"Thank you so much! We really enjoyed working with you and feel we really gained SO much insight into Sammy and his behaviours. He's also showing so quickly a willingness to alter his behaviours based on the training."

Holly - Emma

"Thank you for all of your help, Sydney! We really enjoyed working with you and we learned so much. We are already noticing massive improvements with Holly and she keeps getting better each day."

Kali - Laura

"Just thought I'd let you know, we took Kali to the dog park and had her off leash the whole time, and she was so good! She was constantly checking in and was sticking with us with no issues. Thank you so much!!"

Black Dog

Taju - Jo

"Sydney has been an excellent trainer, working one on one with me and my 7mth Portuguese water dog tailoring training to my dog’s personality and issues which you won’t get in training videos. I would highly recommend Focus K9 training to any dog owner."

Theo - Sharon

"He is so well behaved when we walk him these days. We are getting to the point where we can walk him off leash occasionally around the streets...He is much calmer and more ready to listen."

Penelope - Shawnda

" Wow! In just two days, two hikes, I see what a difference the right tack makes! I finally don’t have an out of control rabid dog when other dogs go by. "

Wilma - Diane

"Thank you so much for training "me" these past 4 weeks! The attachments and your instruction have been most helpful! Wilma is so much happier and is starting to respond more!"

Charlie - Jonathan

"I highly recommend her for all the  services that she offers"

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"Simply the BEST on all levels! We need more people like Sydney. We appreciate you!"

Trigger - Carrie

What People Say. . .

Sydney is a delight to work with. She is enthusiastic, caring and fun and immediately bonded with our Bichon puppy Beau. She worked out a program custom made for our specific needs and she patiently guided my husband and me on how to reinforce the training. She is very validating, positive and flexible in her approach to us and our beloved pet.

Beau was super distracted, happily ignoring us. Now he checks in, listens to and obeys our commands. It is like a miracle! We highly recommend Sydney for assistance with your dog. Louis & Beau