Sammy - Daniel

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed working with you and feel we really gained SO much insight into Sammy and his behaviours. He's also showing so quickly a willingness to alter his behaviours based on the training.

Holly - Emma

Thank you for all of your help, Sydney! We really enjoyed working with you and we learned so much. We are already noticing massive improvements with Holly and she keeps getting better each day.

Wilma - Diane

Thank you so much for training "me" these past 4 weeks! The attachments and your instruction have been most helpful! Wilma is so much happier and is starting to respond more!

Theo - Sharon

"He is so well behaved when we walk him these days. We are getting to the point where we can walk him off leash occasionally around the streets...He is much calmer and more ready to listen."

We can't praise Sydney highly enough. Coco, our maltipoo, was rescued from Iran having been physically and emotionally abused. She was anxious, mistrusting of people and found it extremely difficult to be comfortable amongst other dogs. However, all of that changed when Sydney came into her life.
Sydney has such a calm, gentle manner and is clearly naturally gifted around dogs. Coupled with her passion, extensive knowledge and her desire help both dogs and their owners she has worked miracles. Sydney came to our home, spoke with us about Coco's issues and educated us on methods to help her overcome them.  She walked with us around our own neighborhood so she could witness the problems we faced first hand. She provided us guidance on how to preempt, prepare for and, where possible, avoid potential issues. She followed that up with verbal reinforcement on returning home and emailed us 'homework' sheets to continue our learning.
The improvement in Coco has been nothing short of amazing, she is far more tolerant of people and other dogs and is more relaxed and trusting with us. It has been such a pleasure to watch Coco grow and we enjoy our walks so much more now. Thank you Sydney,  we are eternally grateful for you and will be lifetime clients.

D' with Coco

Chelsea with Flynn

Working alongside Sydney with my rescue dog Flynn is an absolute pleasure.

She is passionate, professional, kind, patient, trustworthy, and creative.

She focuses on guiding me to be the best leader and companion tailored for my dog’s specific needs. I am thankful to have her on our team and I highly recommend her services.

We have come so far under her supervision.

I have found the person I can trust with my best buddy who has our best interests in mind!

Meet MJ!

A once extremely reactive dog....Mj was previously attacked as a puppy by a small white dog and thus became insecure and fearful at the sight of other dogs.

Through our Day School program and Desensitization Walks MJ can now successfully go about her daily walks without reaching her threshold.

Her owners continue to educate themselves through our Trainer Walks where we cover how to communicate and strengthen their relationship with her to continue her journey.

Shelly with MJ