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Clark - Sabrina

"Clark and I love working with you! You are an amazing trainer!! You have the best personality too! Thank you so much for all that you are doing with us help make mine and Clarks journey a great one!!"


Mabel - Gina

"We took her to Cannon Beach in Oregon last week and she was like the town ambassador.  She was so good and interacted with a lot of people.  Each time she sat nice and just soaked in the attention.  No jumping up, all calm.  People couldn't believe she was only 7 months.  They thought she was some sort of miniature retriever"

Holly - Emma

"Thank you for all of your help, Sydney! We really enjoyed working with you and we learned so much. We are already noticing massive improvements with Holly and she keeps getting better each day."

Penelope - Shawnda

" Wow! In just two days, two hikes, I see what a difference the right tack makes! I finally don’t have an out of control rabid dog when other dogs go by. "

Sombrio - Anthony

"Sydney really well assessed our dog (Australian Shepherd) behavior and our needs. She provided great training for our dog reactivity and much more. Her approach was pragmatic and adapted to our dog. She has a very high knowledge of dogs behavior. I highly recommend!"

Arlo - Christine

"I cannot say enough about how awesome Sydney is!! We really struggled to walk our 117lbs 2year old Great Pyranees/Border Collie x Dog Arlo. Little did we know, much of it could be corrected by simply changing his collar. In the end, Aftet taking a few of Sydney’s training classes, I’ve discovered that it was me who needed the training more than Arlo. He’s actually a pretty good boy. I highly recommend her! She really knows her stuff!"

Koda - Joanne

We had the pleasure of Sydney's expert training when working with our 13 month old Shiloh Shepherd. She was a great listener and provided techniques that help both of us and our dog. We are all doing so much better with her assistance. I would highly recommend her!"


Sammy - Daniel

"Thank you so much! We really enjoyed working with you and feel we really gained SO much insight into Sammy and his behaviours. He's also showing so quickly a willingness to alter his behaviours based on the training."

Black Dog

Taju - Jo

"Sydney has been an excellent trainer, working one on one with me and my 7mth Portuguese water dog tailoring training to my dog’s personality and issues which you won’t get in training videos. I would highly recommend Focus K9 training to any dog owner."

Kali - Laura

"Just thought I'd let you know, we took Kali to the dog park and had her off leash the whole time, and she was so good! She was constantly checking in and was sticking with us with no issues. Thank you so much!!"

Bruce - Marie

"If I hadn't reached out to Focus K9, I'd still be telling everyone that my dog Bruce doesn't like other dogs, walking into the bushes when dogs pass us on trails, and generally being stressed and embarrassed by my dog. Now he's a positive influence on other nervous dogs and is calmer and more obedient than ever. He always checks back to me for guidance. Sydney taught me so much and built my confidence back up. I made more progress than I had expected, but I still love to go to her group walks because it's such a positive environment and a great place to keep learning about dog behaviour while having a nice walk in the park."

Ella - Ania

If your walks with your best friend have become a source of anxiety and frustration for yourself and your dog, do not fret, Sydney can help. My once friendly and playful Ella (a Nordic breed mix) after a couple of unfortunate events at a dog park, became reactive to other dogs and was starting to shut down at home. Thanks to Sydney, Ella is back to normal. Sydney showed us how to reconnect and engage with each other in an easy and fun way. As our communications are improving so are our walks. We couldn't have done it without Focus K9."

Scarlette - Paula

"We just got back from about a 35 minute walk and it was literally night and day from yesterday. I cannot thank you enough. I feel so much better and more confident walking Scarlet now...and I didn't even have to run down the hills!"

Charolette - Liam

"Without the training we would have never gotten to this point so thank you so much!"

Charlie - Jonathan

"I highly recommend her for all the  services that she offers"

Wilma - Diane

"Thank you so much for training "me" these past 4 weeks! The attachments and your instruction have been most helpful! Wilma is so much happier and is starting to respond more!"

Theo - Sharon

"He is so well behaved when we walk him these days. We are getting to the point where we can walk him off leash occasionally around the streets...He is much calmer and more ready to listen."

Trigger - Carrie

"Simply the BEST on all levels! We need more people like Sydney. We appreciate you!"

Balthazar - Emma

 "I just took Balthazar on a 3 km walk, we walked past at least 30 dogs and he was interested but looked away. I didn’t have to pull him and he didn’t react, it was awesome! I also went on the walk with my friend Tasha and her dog which they just met and grumpy at first . . . after 5 minutes the dogs were best buds. You’re training is definitely helping!!" Emma with Balthazar (Rottweiler Mix)

Sage - Jordan

"Sage, our Irish Terrier, LOVES training with Sydney! We have learned so much about our pups behaviors & with Sydney's assistance our walks & training have improved tremendously & are more enjoyable for the both of us!" Jordan with Sage

Coco - Denise

"Coco, our maltipoo, was rescued from Iran having been physically and emotionally abused. She was anxious, mistrusting of people and found it extremely difficult to be comfortable amongst other dogs. However, all of that changed when Sydney came into her life.Sydney has such a calm, gentle manner and is clearly naturally gifted around dogs. Coupled with her passion, extensive knowledge and her desire help both dogs and their owners she has worked miracles. Sydney came to our home, spoke with us about Coco's issues and educated us on methods to help her overcome them.  She walked with us around our own neighborhood so she could witness the problems we faced first hand. She provided us guidance on how to preempt, prepare for and, where possible, avoid potential issues. She followed that up with verbal reinforcement on returning home and emailed us 'homework' sheets to continue our learning.The improvement in Coco has been nothing short of amazing, she is far more tolerant of people and other dogs and is more relaxed and trusting with us. It has been such a pleasure to watch Coco grow and we enjoy our walks so much more now."

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