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About Me: About Me

Our mission is to help educate as many owners foster the best possible relationship with their dog by having a versatile approach so we can create accessible options for all dog owners including reactive dogs.

We want to fully immerse you in the training process and find that owners end up learning as much, if not more, than their pets.


Our Mission

Training Philosophy

Focus K9 believes that owning a dog is an amazing & rewarding experience, but a responsibility, not a luxury. Training your pet properly will lead you to a stronger relationship and more freedom with your canine. We firmly believe in the owner/pet relationship being one of mutual understanding and respect; basing our approach on scientifically proven methods utilizing all four quadrants of operant conditioning.

Focus K9's methods and techniques adhere to the industry’s LIMA approach of Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive training, taking a balanced, realistic approach that taps into a dogs natural instincts and communication style while also considering the owners lifestyle and goals.

Everything to do with your dogs behaviour and lifestyle works simultaneously together and training your dog can be a journey. 

We want you to feel supported every step of they way.

Sydney Lemiski

Owner / Head Trainer

After relocating to British Columbia to work for various dog-related companies, including operating a large dog daycare facility, Sydney obtained her certification in canine training and behavior. Her driving passion is to establish a company that caters to the needs of the dog community, offering owners a reliable source of honest and practical advice. In today's world, the overwhelming abundance of dog training information in the media often leaves average pet owners feeling frustrated, confused, and even hopeless.

With more than five years of extensive education and hands-on experience, Sydney has worked with some of the most challenging dog breeds and temperaments. Her primary goal is to educate owners, enabling them to achieve their training objectives. She provides a range of solutions at different price points, ensuring that quality training is accessible to all.

Recognizing the demanding schedules of everyday pet owners and the uniqueness of each training journey, Sydney develops personalized lesson plans and programs for all her clients. She possesses a passion for her work, displaying patience and a personable approach. Sydney instills confidence and knowledge in her clients when working with their dogs, drawing from both her practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

Having worked with animals ranging from horses and dogs to wildlife during her upbringing in Alberta, Sydney has evolved into one of the most dedicated dog professionals on the West Coast.

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