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We believe in versatility when it comes to meeting your dogs needs. No matter what your needs are, we are here to help find a solution that works for your lifestyle.

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We Focus on taking the time to teach the owner how to be successful. Our goal is for you to feel confident and prepared with coaching from a Certified Instructor.


We Focus on tailoring your needs to help meet your dogs. Sessions are tailored  for all lifestyles and learners. We believe in training for your lifestyle.


We Focus on the student in front of us. With versatile training methods, we understand that success comes from recognizing the needs of the student in front of us.

Passionate. Patient. Personable.
These are just a few of the characteristics that describe us. We know each canine and human team is different, and will work with you and your dog to give the specific guidance needed. Whether you need help with training, exercising or socializing we are here.

Learn more about our methodology and professional educational background!

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Westshore Only

Open to previous or exsisting clients only


 We take your canine out in the morning where they will receive one-on-one attention from a Certified Trainer. During your dogs session they will be exercised, trained and socialized tailored to their skill level and your goals. 


Group & Private

  • Behaviour Modification

  • Reactivity & Aggression

  • Basic Obedience

  • Advanced Obedience

  • Puppy Raising/Preparation

  • Proper Socialization

  • Crate Training

  • Remote Collar Training

  • Conditioning for the Canine Athlete

  • Scent Training

Westshore & Saanich

Discover our options tailored to fit your canines socialization needs. From Adult Dog Socialization to Group Walks, all will help your dog create neutrality around distractions and teach owners on functional socialization.

Check out our Group Training for a healthy mix of learning, training and socialization.

“Beneath every behaviour is a feeling, and beneath each feeling is a need, and when we meet that need rather than focus on the behaviour, we begin to deal with the cause not the symptom.”

Ashleigh Warner


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