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Meghan & Rosie

“Sydney taught us to set boundaries and give more structure to our dog's life which has been the biggest game changer, as well as the tools and strategies to manage and shape behaviours. I used to get anxious before every single walk with our girl but now I feel confident in my training with her and I know how to handle every situation that comes up."

Kelsey & Ranger

"Sydney helped us teach our puppy general obedience, but also tweaked our sessions to suit our specific goals for our puppy, a Chocolate Lab we will be training for bird hunting. Ranger is 4 months old and we get nothing but compliments on his good behaviour and recall etc."

Shawnda & Penny

"Sydney is a competent and skilled trainer! I highly recommend her. She helped me gain confidence and tools to be able to communicate and guide my dog Penny, a Pitbull mix, through her leash reactivity issues. I can do things with my dog now, that I didn't think possible a month ago."

Our Focus


We Focus on taking the time to teach the owner how to be successful. An educated owner is a long term, successful owner.


We Focus on tailoring your needs to help meet your dogs. Sessions and programs are tailored  for all lifestyles and learners to bring out the best in your dog.


We Focus on the student in front of us. With versatile training methods, we understand that success comes from recognizing the needs of the student.


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Our Mission

Creating versatile & effective training solutions for overly and underly friendly dogs.

It can feel overwhelming when working through difficult problems with our dogs, especially with a busy lifestyle. Our goal is to offer versatile and flexible options that help dog owners achieve their goals effectively. All of our carefully crafted training programs, group and socialization options are specifically designed to help owners with dogs of all temperaments, especially the over reactive dogs. We offer a safe & judgement free environment for owners of all dogs no matter the behaviour, age or breed. We know each canine and human team is different, and will work with you and your dog to give the specific guidance needed to build a long lasting and strong relationship with your dog.

 Learn more about what makes us different.

Discover our methodology, certifications and professional educational background.


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New & Upcoming

Calling All Puppy Owners!

Sign up for our exclusive p rivate Puppy Program and experience our revamped curriculum for 2024. Now offering more opportunities to socialize your puppy and learn how to develop their off leash control - Contact us to learn more or sign up! 

Struggling with Greetings?

Check out our exclusive Polite Greetings class to strengthen your dogs impulse control when greeting people & our Adult Socialization class to practice your dogs manners when greeting other dogs!

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