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Advanced Obedience




4 Weeks - 50 min

About the Course


Have the politest dog on the trail!


- Proof of vaccines

- Has recently enrolled in a training course

- Maximum 2 people per dog allowed


- Dogs older than 6 months old

- Alumni students

- Dogs who have graduated from our Level 1 Trail Manners course

- Intermediate to Advanced training stages

- Owners who have recently taken a formal obedience course

- Owners who have taken a course with us before


- Book online

- 4 week commitment

- Maximum 4 spots available


Take your dog's Trail Manners to the next level with our Level 2 course, building upon the solid foundations established in Level 1. Delve deeper into understanding your dog's motivations and behaviours while honing essential skills for navigating more distracting environments. This course is designed to elevate off-leash control and confidence on the trails.

Our Level 2 Trail Manners course takes you out on the trail to practice the skills you've developed in Level 1. Individuals who have the confidence to start practicing off leash with their dog are welcome and encouraged to do so in this class.

Not ready for a more challenging environment? We recommend enrolling in your Basic Obedience course again or checking out some of our other group options.

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