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Group Walk




Drop In - 60 min

About the Course


Socialization from a distance!


- All temperaments (if your dog is aggressive please contact us)

- All ages

- Maximum 2 people per dog allowed

- On leash only


- Book online or contact us

- Drop in flexibility

- Maximum 8 spots available


- All Training Stages

- Structured Socialization

- Practicing Leash Manners

- Practicing Engagement

- Practicing Neutrality Around Distractions


During your on leash walk, you will be guided through a local park in various trail environments to practice your dogs polite walking and neutrality when around dogs and people. Check our booking calendar to ensure that the location is right for you! During your walk, we will practice "pass by exercises" around other the other owners at a safe distance from each other. Although there will be a Certified Dog Trainer present to give pointers, each handler is responsible for “managing” their own dog.

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