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Reactivity Rehab




8 Weeks - 50 min

About the Course


Turning Reactivity into Confidence!


- Reactive dog (if your dog is aggressive please contact us)

- Maximum 2 people per dog allowed

- Dogs over 6 months old

- Proof of vaccines


- Book online

- Maximum 4 spots available

- 8 week commitment required


Proving owners with one on one training in a group environment!

Embark on a personalized journey with our expert trainer within our supportive group setting. Discover how to guide your reactive or anxious dog towards a calmer demeanour and enhanced emotional resilience. Our program goes beyond traditional dog training—it empowers owners with confidence to handle their reactive companions confidently, whether on a leisurely walk or an adventurous trail.

Delve into tailored exercises and gradual exposure techniques designed to gently desensitize your dog to triggers, while instilling healthier behavioral responses. Join us and witness the transformation as you and your dog navigate the world with newfound assurance.

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