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Sit | Settle | Stay




Drop in - 30 min

About the Course


Strengthen your dogs calm muscle


- All temperaments

- All ages

- Maximum 2 people per dog allowed

- On leash only


- All training stages

- Owners new to group training

- Owners who haven’t taken a program with us before

- Owners who haven’t recently taken a formal obedience course

- Dogs who struggle to settle

- Dogs who struggle with distractions

- Dogs who struggle in longer or larger classes


- Book online

- Drop in flexibility

- We designed this option for dog owners seeking flexibility without the commitment of a full group training program.

- Sit Settle Stay offers flexible booking options that allows you to drop into classes around your schedule.


This will be a quick 30 min class that teaches you how to add duration to behaviours and train your dog to settle in stimulating environments. Some things we cover are communication techniques, long duration sit-stay, down-stay, place and more!

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