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Private Training B-Mod Package

4 Session Behaviour Modification Package

  • Pre Paid
  • Travel fee's may apply for service outside the Westshore area


​Our 4-session package offers you a condensed option of our 7-session package tailored to address your dog's individual needs, learning style and behavioural goals. Our focus in these 4 sessions is on teaching you how to transform your dogs behavioural issues into healthy choices while equipping you with essential techniques for success. Sessions can be scheduled at your preferred rate, every 1, 2, or 3 weeks, and take place at a location that suits your training goals—whether it's in-home, at a local park, or a private training field. INCLUDED - One on one private instruction for owners of reactive, fearful or aggressive dogs - 4, 1 hour private training sessions - In person or online FEATURES - Open to All Training Stages - One on One Instruction - Basic to Advanced Obedience - Counter Conditioning & Desensitization - Functional Socialization - Loose Leash Walking - Distraction Management Techniques - Impulse Control Training - Dog Psychology & Body Language - Advanced Problem Behaviours (reactivity, fear, aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety etc.) *All Sessions are tailored to the student and clients goals WHERE - Location is determined at time of consultation and what suits your training goals best. - Local Park, Owners Home, Private Training Field *Travel Fee's will apply for service outside of Westshore or we can arrange a meeting point local to us WHEN - Schedule: Book your sessions around your schedule - Booking Times: Sessions are conducted Tuesday through Saturday, morning's, afternoon's and evening's - Frequency: Tailored to your preference & our recommendation WHAT TO BRING - A 4-6ft leash - A 15-30ft leash - A collar with a current ID tag - Any walking/training equipment you are currently using - Muzzle if your dog has a bite history - Water - Rewards (toy & food) - Poop bags - Weather appropriate clothing and shoes BOOKING - New Clients: Please contact us or book online for a consultation to register for private training - Existing Clients: Please contact us

Cancellation Policy

The owner of the dog(s) may postpone any Private Training session and receive a full refund or credit provided 48hrs notice is given to the Focus K9. Failure to give Focus K9 the appropriate notice of a cancellation will result in the Focus K9 counting said failure as completed and owner will be charged in full. No refunds are available once a session or class has started. After the session has started no refunds are available.

Contact Details


Langford, BC, Canada

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