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Dalmatian Dog


Tailored to you.

Tailored to fit your pet's needs and your lifestyle; choose from one of our many options. Online or in person at a place of your choosing, we will teach you how to be successful in your training and be a responsible dog owner. With one on one instruction from a Certified Dog Trainer and complementary personalized learning resources, you will feel confident and prepared.


$50 + tax

New to Us?

We sit down one on one or online/phone and diagnose your dogs needs, discuss your goals & expectations while reviewing training options that will suit your lifestyle. 

Booking the training package that is right for you is only done once we can provide you our recommendation moving forward. This is based on your goals as well as our recommendation after your consultation. There are no cookie cutter training programs here. It's all about you, and providing you with the tools to be successful.

  • 45 mins |  In Person, Online or Phone

  • Training & Goal Assessment

  • Training & Management Recommendations

  • Registration for Private Training or Day School



Starting at $85

Looking for Basic to Advanced Obedience TrainingOur Manners option is a great first step for dogs without any behavioural problems. Tailored towards your individual dog training goals and skills we work towards teaching your dog:

- Functional Cues

House Manners & Structure

- On/Off Leash Manners

- Basice to Advacned Obedience

  • Sessions are 1 Hour

  • Weekday Support

  • Tailored Goals & Resources

  • Follow Up Summary of your Lesson

  • For dogs without Behavioural Problems


Behaviour Mod

Starting at $100

Looking for help with reactivity, aggression or anxiety? With our Behaviour Modification option we take a deep dive into your dogs psychology and help you understand, manage and curb your dog's reactivity. In depth Treatment Plans are tailored to your lifestyle and needs so everyone is set up for success!

- Reactivity, Aggression & Fear

- Resource Guarding

Separation Anxiety

- Littermate Syndrome

  • Sessions are 1 Hour

  • Weekday Support

  • Tailored Goals & Resources 

  • Follow Up Summary of your Lesson


Puppy Training

$390 + tax

Start your new relationship out right with our 6 week Puppy Package where we put you on the path of becoming a responsible dog owner.  Geared for dogs under 5 months old. We teach you how to train & raise a confident, optimistic puppy while tailoring the lessons to your needs!

- Leadership & Structure

- Functional Socialization 

- Problem Behaviours (jumping, nipping, housebreaking etc.)

- Basic Obedience (sit/down, stay, Come, Leave It)

- Foundation for Loose Leash Walking

- Handling Desensitization

- Resource Guarding & Separation Anxiety Prevention

  • 6 x 1 Hour Private Session

  • Weekday Support

  • Tailored Goals, Resources 

  • Follow Up Summary of your Lesson


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